Ready to hang up your hammer?
I did, and put my building knowledge to use in a whole
new way.

My home-based material takeoff service produced a six-figure income in its first full year of business. My expenses are minimal and my profits astonishing. The engine that powered my success is my proprietary Material Takeoff database. But I am not just "selling software" - I am offering you a complete business model that has been proven to work. After a one-week training program, you can move forward quickly and confidently, with the security of our support while you get your business off the ground.

My lumberyard customers and building contractors happily send us their plans because they can rely on a quick, accurate, professional product. They value us as an important part of their team. It doesn't matter where you are - everyone needs this service.

All the tools you'll need

Your business package includes a complete workstation: a PC and printer, a GTCO 30x36 Roll-up Digitizer, Sage Timberline Precision Estimating Extended® software, and Wheeler Consulting's Material Takeoff database. You will receive a week of comprehensive training in the use of your new software and hardware, as well as proven sales and marketing techniques and the simple systems that will ensure your success. Your purchase also includes a protected territory and most important, a license to utilize our database.

With these tools and resources in hand, you will be perfectly positioned to enjoy success, building your business and your future in direct relation to your efforts. The cost of the complete business package is $30,000. There are no franchise fees, royalties or other ongoing fees or costs. I took control of my life - you can, too.

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-Blake Wheeler

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