The Takeoff Report

Our takeoff reports work from the sills up, with each item identified as to place and use and organized in loading and shipping categories. Our clients use our reports not only for pricing, but as a sales and materials management tool.


Residential projects are priced by the size of the project and the scope of the work.

Projects less than 2500 SF
              Tight Shell                   $180
              Full Takeoff                 $230

Between 2500-5000 SF
              Tight Shell                   $220
              Full Takeoff                 $270

Residential projects greater than 5,000 SF and commercial jobs are priced individually. Just send us your plans and we'll call you with a quote the day we receive them. There is also a $2/sheet printing charge for projects over five pages.

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Bring our system in-house for quick accurate takeoffs.
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