Our first customer is still our
customer - 29 years later.
We think that speaks volumes.

You need confidence in your takeoff service...

Blake Wheeler's material takeoff company, Wheeler Consulting, Inc. has succeeded through a combination of innovative new methods to produce a material takeoff and an old-fashioned respect for its customers.

Although first conceived as a very local business in 1994, it quickly became clear that demand for Wheeler's services was not a local phenomenon. Today, Wheeler Consulting provides material takeoff services to lumberyards and contractors throughout the northeast, southeast, the midwest and Canada from its offices in Bath, Maine.

Wheeler Consulting, Inc. also sells Business Opportunities, enabling others to replicate its success in other areas of the country. The building of this network of estimators has allowed the company to continue to grow while maintaining its excellent customer service. Implementing wide-format scanning and printing capabilities, plans can be both received and sent electronically from the home office to others in the network.

739 High Street, Bath, ME 04530
Phone # 207-442-7399 | Fax # 207-442-7395 | wheelerconsulting@comcast.net