If you have struggled with in-house estimating but haven't got your hands around it yet, consider this option: You can bring our proven Material Takeoff system in-house to produce accurate takeoffs as quickly and cost-efficiently as we do. The benefits of our system include:

A typical subdivision house can be taken off in two hours or less - everything from the sills up, including all framing, siding, roofing, doors, windows, interior and exterior trims, decks, sheetrock and insulation.

Materials Management
The format of our takeoff report makes it ideal as a materials management tool. Every piece is identified as to place and use, and the reports are broken out into loading/shipping categories. When the customer calls to say he's ready for the second floor, or the roof assembly - everyone's on the same page. This system of tight material control will substantially reduce returns and those mysterious on-site material disappearances.

Immediate Answers to any Questions
Every keystroke is recorded during the takeoff process, and any question can be answered on the spot by pulling up the file. There is no question as to how any quantity was calculated. No more standing around on the job site, kicking dirt and trying to figure out what went wrong.

Sales and Marketing
Market your new service to your contractors - and those you'd like to be your contractors. The quicker your customer can get his pricing put together, the quicker he can close his end of the deal. He can include a copy of the material takeoff in his presentation to his customer. He will benefit from the materials management aspect of the report, know that any questions will be quickly resolved, and you'll help make him look good.

Your package will include a complete work station: a PC and printer, a GTCO Roll-Up III Digitizer, Sage Timberline Precision Estimating Extended software, and Wheeler Consulting's Material Takeoff Database. Your estimator will receive a week of comprehensive training in the use of the software here at our offices. The cost of the package is $20,000 and includes a license to utilize our database. (Additional workstations or training for 3 or more estimators will entail additional cost.)

If this sounds like a solution to your material takeoff needs, give me a call at 207-442-7399.

-Blake Wheeler

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